Roman Massaciuccoli

The ancient Roman baths

A splendid archaeological area that includes the villa, the building with the mosaic and the museum.
Here it is possible to visit the remains of the villa of the Venulei family, built at the beginning of the first century A.D., of which the monumental thermal complex is preserved, situated in a panoramic position from which it is possible to admire the lake and the coastline as far as the sea.

Descending along a path through the olive groves, we come to a second building from the Roman era, discovered in the 1930s, which is now part of the 'Guglielmo Lera' exhibition pavilion.
Inside the building is a small thermal quarter, of which some rooms, part of the heating system and the floor mosaic of the frigidarium, decorated with fantastic animals in black and white tiles, are still visible.

The exhibition pavilion also offers the opportunity to follow a route that recounts, through a selection of significant objects, the daily life that took place in Massaciuccoli between the first and fourth centuries AD.
In the area in front of the pavilion, under a large protective tensile structure, new archaeological excavations, still in progress, have uncovered numerous new rooms.
massaciuccoli romana le terme
massaciuccoli padiglione guglielmo lera
massaciuccoli romana le terme
massaciuccoli romana le terme